TELUS International: Speech Collection Project in Norway hos TELUS International AI Inc

About TELUS International AI:

We help companies test and improve machine learning models via our global AI Community of 1 million+ annotators and linguists. Our proprietary AI training platform handles all data types (text, images, audio, video and geo) across 500+ languages and dialects. Our AI Data Solutions vastly enhance AI systems across a range of applications from advanced smart products to better search results, to expanded speech recognition, to more human-like bot interactions and so much more.

The Project:

We are currently looking for households of 2 to 7 members (couples, friends, cohabitants) to help us improve the voice recognition engines of smart home entertainment devices.

Task Description:

The household will be provided with Smart Home Assistants of the latest technology.

Each household member that is registered for the project will have to interact with the devices for around 10 minutes daily for 2 weeks.

Requirements to Participate:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • TV or monitor with at least one HDMI port to connect the digital media player
  • Native speakers of Norwegian and residing in Norway

How to Register:

To participate, please have one member of your household to act as the Main Participant and indicate all the others in this registration form. Up to 6 more household members can be added to the registration form.

Please make sure to provide an address that we can use to ship the hardware.

Each subsequent household member, who is not the main participant, will need to fill in a short form as Additional Participant via the same link.


You will be rewarded with the latest advanced virtual assistants and media entertainment systems worth between 300 - 400 USD.

For further information or any questions about the project, please contact us at:

Merk: Du skal ofte ha forhåndsgodkjennelse fra universitetet ditt eller studieveileder, for å sikre deg at prosjekter eller masteroppgaver på NMBU CareerGate kan bli akseptert som en del av studiet. Kontakt det rette organ i god tid for å sikre deg at du velger det rette prosjekt.