Shift Supervisor倒班主管 at Centrient Pharmaceuticals


1.Main responsibilities主要工作职责
1.Realize production budget and plan, include 实现生产预算和生产计划,包括:
1.1.Inform the budget and plan to shift staff and report the production status regularly 向班组传达车间预算指标和生产计划并定期通报生产情况
1.2. Organize and finish the shift production target according to the production plan 根据生产计划组织生产,完成班组生产指标
1.3.Organize team handover and ensure the production schedule/equipment running组织班组交接,协调并保证生产进度和设备运行正常
1.4.Propose the improvement suggestion, include: optimize capacity/enhance productivity/decrease cost/improve SHE/GMP 提出优化生产能力,提高生产效率,降低成本,SHE/GMP改进,优化设备设施或控制的建议
1.5. Report the shift production status to senior supervisor and analysis the gap then make the work plan定期向高级主管汇报班组生产实际情况并分析差距提出工作计划
1.6.Responsible for the area of the site clean production 提取车间所负责区域的现场清洁生产
2.Control the production process 控制生产过程
2.1.Inspect the shift staff operation in strict accordance with SOP and SHE/GMP requirment 管理检查班组员工严格按照SOP进行操作,遵守SHE和GMP要求
2.2. Analysis and solve the production issue and abnormal situation on time, take the correction steps 及时分析、解决生产中的问题和异常情况,采取措施纠正偏差
2.3. Inspect and tidy the batch record, finsh the deviation or abnormal situation report , give the suggestion 检查并整理生产批报及记录,及时按要求完成偏差调查或异常调差汇报,并提出预防措施
2.4. Join the MOC dicussion, implement and validation参与变更小组的变更方案讨论、分析并配合变更负责人参与变更的验证和实施
2.5.Coordinate with related production, inspection and utility departments for the operation of each system in the workshop 负责与相关生产、检验、动力部门协调车间各系统的运作工作
2.6.Correct the deviation in SOP, organize the operator to discuss the deviation and give the improve suggestion 纠正在执行SOP中出现的偏差,在SOP修订中组织操作工讨论并提出优化SOP操作的建议。
2.7.Manage the equipment cleanning and safaty of equipments ,storage of raw material and packing material 管理现场设备、设施的清洁和安全,原材料和包装材料的合理存放
3.Shift management 人员班组管理
3.1.Responsibility for organizing and examine the trainning about SOP/GMP/SHE 负责组织和考核本班组人员的SOP、GMP、SHE&S等相关培训
3.2.Inspect the shift staff operation in strict accordance with rules of company and plant 检查、督促班组人员严格遵守公司和车间内的规章制度和劳动纪律
3.3.Ensure the safty production and labor protection using correctly , engance the occupational diseases protection awareness确保班组人员的安全生产及劳动保护的正确使用,提高防治职业病意识
3.4.Implement target management and improve the shift assessment system 实施目标管理,完善班组考核制度
3.5.Communicate with employees on a regular basis to create a positive and good working atmosphere定期同员工进行工作交流,创造积极良好的团队工作氛围,


College degree or above or more than 3 years working experience in related industry.
能熟练使用EXCEL WOLD等办公软件
Proficient in office software such as EXCEL /WOLD


1、five social insurance and one housing fund.五险一金。
2、Supplementary medical insurance.补充医疗保险。
3、Year end bonus.年底年终奖金。

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