Multiple industries


When considering AlphaSights, we ask that you spend time reading and reflecting on the path below, and whether it aligns with you and the goals you are pursuing.

Is AlphaSights for you?

Every year, we receive over 40,000 applications, conduct thousands of interviews but only select about 150 people. Why? Not because candidates are not impressive or highly qualified. Rather, because their career aspirations are misaligned with what we can offer at AlphaSights. We know how difficult it is to make the right career choice, especially when it comes to your first job. Job descriptions often contain the same buzzwords - as do most CVs.

Things to consider

As a company, we have an ambitious mission: addressing the massive underutilization of knowledge. Such a challenge demands a long term perspective. Eight years into our journey, we feel we’ve barely started. Similarly, we encourage you to take a longer-term view of who you want to become – if you can develop a direction for your career journey, you can make a more informed decision about where to begin. Think about your experiences to date: are you naturally a people person, or do you like dealing with numbers? Are you a quick thinker and doer, or more of a deep-diver and strategist? Do you thrive in unpredictable situations, or do you prefer stability? Do you thrive on your courage of doing something different? Or do you gain confidence from the well trodden path?

We offer the opportunity to gain the skills and experiences required for business leadership. At AlphaSights, you can become an autonomous principal who is responsible for the overall direction of your team. Over time, you will interview, recruit and lead people and reap significant rewards consistent with managing resources and delivering results.

However, we are not a consulting firm, and you will not perform industry deep-dives, data analysis, PowerPoint or similar tasks here. Equally, if you seek to acquire specialist qualifications, such as the CFA, CIMA or CIPD, AlphaSights is not the right place to start. Finally, while we serve hedge funds and private equity firms, we do not provide investment advice ourselves and we are not necessarily a natural step towards financial services.

Beyond AlphaSights

We hope the longer-term path we can offer to you, rather than just the first 1 or 2 years, will excite you. Why? Because we believe that exposure to multiple industries and the skills you will pick up here will serve as a springboard to a successful career in business – starting with effective commercial execution at the Associate level, through people and client management at the Manager level, to team and business leadership at the VP level.