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Working at AlphaSights

With three new offices opened in the last year alone, AlphaSights offers unrivalled impact opportunity and career progression. AlphaSights is a young and dynamic business. We're no longer a start-up, but we're growing fast, which means we benefit from more security and stability whilst maintaining the excitement, flexibility and accelerated career progression that only a high growth business can offer. Go to our InstagramFacebook and Twitter if you want to know more about all the exciting activities we are up to!

AlphaSights: The World's Knowledge Partner™

AlphaSights is the global leader in knowledge on-demand. We connect investment and business leaders with a dynamic network of industry professionals whose informed perspectives help our clients make superior investment and business decisions. With 1200+ employees and nine offices across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, AlphaSights regularly ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Learn more at


Our Associate-Manager-Vice President career path is a fast track to commercial leadership. Our entry-level programme is designed to equip you with a broad base of business skills, including results-led research, confident communication, commercial execution and client orientation. Towards the end of your two-year programme, you will take on account management and team leadership responsibilities. The learning curve is steep but progression is fast.